TYR Avictor Review: A Tech Suit Tested By The Best

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A good swimsuit will get you through a race without issues, but not much else. A great suit, like the TYR Avictor, will support your body throughout the race and give you an edge on your competition. This TYR Avictor review is the edge you need to find a suit that is worthy of your unique athletic talent.

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Not all swimsuits are made equal. There are some that are decent, some that are just downright bad, and then there are some that are just awesome. When it comes to tech suits, it is hard to find one that is legitimately bad.

However, that doesn't mean some don't stand out among the crowd. The TYR Avictor is that suit — the one that stands out and wants to show the world what it's got.

TYR Avictor Review

The TYR Avictor is one of TYR's tech suits, which means it is made from advanced materials and scientifically designed to make you faster in the water. The Avictor is one of the best tech suits around, but far from the newest.

However, since this is a TYR Avictor review, we'll touch on the others in a moment. The Avictor is one of TYR's fastest and most innovative suits ever made.

Being born out of the collaboration between the industry's top experts and the best, most elite athletes in the world, this is exactly the edge you need. This FINA-approved swimsuit takes your performance to the max by playing things close to the legs, as it were. Not only is this suit fast, but it is stylish as well.

Coming in two different designs, the Avictor wants you to be the best looking, most advanced, and best-performing athlete in the pool.

What makes the TYR Avictor special?

As tech suits go, the TYR Avictor is one of the most advanced there is. TYR makes their suits from 70 percent nylon and 30 percent lycra spandex, so you are already starting with a suit that is of the highest quality. Pair that with a silicone lining makes this suit not only incredibly comfortable but also far more accessible to put on, than other racing suits.

The Avictor also features super flex bonding, which removes the seams from the entire suit. Why is this important? Because seams create drag.

The goal of racing suits is to make you as hydrodynamic as possible while staying within the regulations. By bonding the seams together, you are eliminating yet another area that could potentially create some drag.

The super flex bonding also makes the swimsuit able to match the shape of the wearer.

Also, the suit utilizes hydrospheric technology, making it a tech suit. Hydrospheric means that this suit causes the water to surround the swimmer or at least the suit, and creates a bubble effect. This allows you to glide through the water with ease, improving agility and speed.

However, the core design of this suit emphasizes your natural movement. Some suits restrict your body's natural movement because they are too tight and stiff. However, the Avictor allows for natural movement while providing incredible compression.

Prelude vs. Venom

When it comes to the TYR Avictor, there are two different options for you to choose from. The Prelude and the Venom. However, the only key difference between the two is the prints.

Venom is TYR's latest design in the Avictor model, but the differences stop there. Both the Prelude and Venom perform exactly the same, so the choice between the two is up to which one you think looks better.

Now, with saying that, it looks like TYR only has the Prelude line available for men, with the Venom line is available for both men and women. So, if you are buying the woman's model, the only choice you have to make it whether you want an open back or a closed back.

But then again, if you are totally sold on the Prelude, you can still find it available on a number of third-party sites. The Prelude is also available for women in the open or closed-back versions as well.

A third, extremely limited edition is available, but hard to find. The TYR Avictor Lava features a Hawaiian design and is available on Amazon for both men and women. The women's fit includes the open and closed back as well.

​Customer reviews

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A suit like the one in this TYR Avictor review should have a stellar Amazon rating, and this one has 3.7 out of 5.0 stars. However, like any product, there will be some things that people don't particularly like.

One of the most common complaints from customers buying the kneeskin version is that the suit does not have a whole lot of give. This swimsuit is remarkably closer to true to size as compared to other suits. This means that measuring your body to the specific TYR measurements is vital.

Swimmers are too used to buying bigger or smaller than their actual size because most suits stretch and give more or less. However, with the TYR Avictor, the design is meant to be true to fit. So it is best to keep that in mind.

Also, the male jammer version of this suit tends to fall a bit shorter than the average jammer. This may be somewhat annoying for some men, as suits usually fall just above the knee. Plus, the shorter leg length allows for more of your legs to be exposed, leading to more drag in the water.

However, all in all, none of the complaints are necessarily deal-breaking by any means.

TYR Avictor Review: The Other Products

To get the most of our TYR Avictor review, you should also see where this suit stands among others from TYR. Learning about other TYR suits will provide you with a baseline to help in your decision making. The two that we will be looking at are the Durafast and the brand new Venzo.

TYR Durafast

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The Durafast is one of TYR's more basic swimsuits. It features a 53 percent polyester and 47 percent polyester PBT build, making it reasonably standard among the more basic line of suits. But that doesn't mean it is terrible.

This suit still hits a 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon, making it very well received by consumers. People know the Durafast suit for its durability factor, which is excellent for a swimsuit. However, it is nothing that will particularly stand out.

​TYR Venzo

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The latest in the TYR tech suit line up, the Venzo is 70 percent nylon and 30 percent lycra, making it one of the highest quality suits on the market. It utilizes an Endo Compression Cage that provides a shield of support for the abs, obliques, and quadriceps. The design is made with state-of-the-art Surface Lift technology, also making it one of the most advanced suits ever.

This suit is so new that it has yet to have a review on Amazon, but that didn't stop it from making it on to multiple top lists for 2019. Besides, this suit is also FINA approved, meaning that it has been cleared for competition, making this hugely desirable.

How We Reviewed

The goal of all reviews, and specifically this TYR Avictor review, is transparency. While we have not tested this swimsuit out first hand, the research conducted here is of the highest quality and done using only reliable sources.

As a competitive swimmer, swimsuits are something that comes as second nature. It is important that you know the difference in what is a good suit and what is just overpriced. So know that by reading this TYR Avictor review, you are reading the report of an actual swimmer with knowledge of not only the sport but of the brands as well.

Who Should Get This Suit?

The design of this suit is with professional, competitive swimmers in mind. While anyone can surely buy this swimsuit, it would suit those who are in the competitive field much better.

If you are an athlete and you are looking to upgrade your old suit, you should pay attention to the TYR Avictor. While it is not the latest in the game, it can certainly stand up with them. Not to mention, because it is slightly older, you can skip the higher price tag of the new products.

Also, this suit has been through the greatest field test ever — the Olympics — by some of the greats. This includes Ryan Lochte, Cody Miller, Leah Smith, and Matt Grevers, all of whom have won Olympic medals in the past while wearing these suits. Now, that doesn't mean you will earn an Olympic medal by getting this suit, but it also doesn't mean you won't.

The Competition

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To more accurately give you the information you desire out of this TYR Avictor review, we've found two other popular swimsuits to pit against the Avictor. Let's see which one comes out on top.

​Arena Powerskin

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The Powerskin features intelligent compression and power return construction technologies, built to provide maximum compression and comfort. The technology this suit uses includes various lines of tape that promote and support different muscles in your body.

The Arena Powerskin has a 4.5 out of 5.0-star rating on Amazon, but that does not change one fact. These suits come with a lot of controversies. As it turns out, you can only be so advanced when it comes to competing.

These suits do not have FINA approval. This means that you are unable to use these during swimming meets and in competition. But for practice, they are just fine.

​Speedo LZR Racer X

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Here we have Speedo's take on the tech swimsuit idea. These are 65 percent nylon and 35 percent spandex, which makes them durable and slightly more comfortable, given the agility of the fabric. The technology here involves water repellency, which pushes the water away from the suit, rather than moves it around the suit.

Speedo fully bonds the seams and features patent seam tape to reinforce them. Also, this suit has FINA approval, making it available for competitive races. However, these have yet to have a review from customers on Amazon.

TYR Crushes The Competition

In this TYR Avictor review, the Avictor suit went up against the Powerskin by Arena and LZR Racer X by Speedo. Both are terrific suits, but from the specs given, the Avictor still comes out on top.

The Powerskin suit may beat out the Avictor when it comes to technology and features; however, the fact that it does not have FINA approval is a big red flag. Swimmers want a suit that they can take to a meet and use against the competition. Building a top tier suit and having it only available for practice is a waste.

Not to mention that, even though it may make you slightly faster, you will only have that edge during the practice, which will give you a false expectation. You are supposed to practice in a slower suit, so your fast suit will provide you with that edge; otherwise, it is all for naught.

When looking at the LZR Racer X by Speedo, we see that this is a great suit and a worthy adversary. However, Lycra is a far more durable and comfortable material than standard spandex. Also, Avictor's hydrospheric technology makes more sense than LZR's water repellency.

So, it looks like Avictor takes the gold here. However, Speedo does receive the silver medal for having a more comfortable and closer to a standard fit when looking at the Jammer model.

Be The Fastest

When it comes to swimming, you want to be sure you are the fastest athlete in the pool. Although 99 percent of that comes from hard work and perseverance, that last 1 percent can be the difference needed for a personal best.

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Image via unsplash

That is what the TYR Avictor is here for: to give you the best swim of your life. And while there are other suits out there, this one fills all the categories perfectly. It has been through battle and came out even better. TYR builds suits with your performance in mind, and best of all, their suits hold the approval of the mighty FINA.

If you are looking to upgrade from an old suit and want to be sure you are getting a worthy product, the TYR Avictor is the suit you have been looking for.

Have you or do you own a tech suit like the ones included in this TYR Avictor review? We want to know your experiences! Let us know in the comments below!


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